SP-50 High Tunnel Sprayer-Self-propelled Greenhouse Sprayer

The all new SP-50 self-propelled High Tunnel Sprayer is built from the ground up for spraying green houses and high tunnels as well as small plots of vegetables and produce. It's high clearance axle is designed to drive right over staked produce and raised bed bed rows of plastic mulch at 60" spacing are just what it is is designed to drive over. Large 8x22" Tires handle mud and rough, rutted rows with ease.

Looking for a sprayer to spray hemp? The axle design on the SP-50 will clear mature rows of hemp. Add the SP-50 to your lineup of hemp farming equipment for control over pests and hemp fertilizer treatments.  

Powered by a 13hp Honda engine and a variable speed hydro-static transmission, this high tunnel sprayer is straight forward to operate.

The boom is available in the standard 5 or 6 row configuration, or can be customized to your row spacing. The boom can be raised with a winch, can be adjusted from 30-90" to the height of each crop.

The high pressure spray system can push 300 psi, creates a mist that penetrates crops like tomatoes, peppers, and other high density vegetables. Optional drop tubes for tall, staked crops blast a spray mist from the side of the rows for optimal spray coverage.

 Click to see a video of the SP-50 in action.