SP50 Hemp Sprayer - 50 gal. Self-propelled

The SP50 self-propelled sprayer is designed to drive through tall, bushy, grown together hemp rows without damaging the hemp plant. The axle design on the SP-50 will clear mature rows of hemp with ease.

It can be modified as a harvest assistant and proved to be a major time and manpower saver during harvest with 10 times more productive than lugging baskets around by hand.

The SP50 is powered by a 13HP Honda engine and hydro-static drive. 50 gallon tank and 28’ booms cover up to 4 rows of hemp. High pressure pump creates a fine mist for foliar feeding and fungicide applications.The boom is raised with a winch, can be adjusted from 30-90" to the height of each crop during growing season.

Add the SP-50 to your lineup of hemp farming equipment for control over fungus, pests and hemp fertilizer treatments.

See it in action: SP50 Spraying and Harvesting Hemp